Labor & Equipment Rates

Personnel Rates

Position Hourly Rate
Usher $12.50
Lead Usher $16.50
Ticket Taker $12.50
Event Coordinator $31.00
University Police $67.00
Ambulance and EMT (2) $90.00
Stagehands (Rate varies based on call) $18.00/hour*
(*payroll fees may apply)
Crew Chief $25.00
Riggers (Rate varies based on call) $45.00
Electrician $77.00/hour
$115.50/hour overtime
Runner $18.00
Spot Operators $40.00
Peer Security $22.00*
Peer Security Supervisor $28.00*
Tech Lead $36.25

All per hour positions based on minimum 4 hour call

* Transportation and per diem costs may apply, as will overtime rates on union positions. Peer Security has a 3 hour minimum.

Equipment and Related Rates

Equipment Rate
Spotlights $100.00 each
Forklift (Includes Operator) $500.00
Stage $1,500.00
Barricade $500.00
Phones $100.00 per line/$135 high speed
Grid Rental $200.00
Clean Up/Set Up/Tear Down $1,000.00