Bobcat Stadium

Bobcat Stadium - Gold Rush

Rental Information

Bobcat Stadium is available to rent provided that the activity is approved under established guidelines and does not conflict with primary users.

A limited amount of special community events will be available in which the rental fee will be waived. Approval of these events will be determined after application process is completed and reviewed by committee. Applications for the waiver must be submitted to the office of Sports Facilities prior to December 31 for the upcoming year.

All scheduling of the stadium is through the office of Sports Facilities, and can be reached at 406.994.7117.

Rental Guidelines

  1. The established rental rate for Bobcat Stadium is:
    1. $4,000.00 per day for the entire stadium.
    2. $3,500.00 per day for the field, home team house and seating areas.
    3. Rent for large scale events such as concerts will be subject to review on a case by case basis.
    4. Waivers for rent are available on a limited basis. The criteria for a waiver being granted are:
      1. (Insertion of MSU club verbiage to be inserted once agreed upon.
      2. On an annual basis a maximum of six (6) community events and six (6) scholastic events shall be granted use of the field, team houses and seating areas at no charge for 0 - 1.5 hours of use based on the following procedures:
        1. Applications must be completed and returned to the office of Sports Facilities.
        2. Beginning on November 1 of each year, applications for the following year can be picked up in person at the office of Sports Facilities or online at under the stadium facility information.
        3. Annual basis shall be interpreted to be January 1 - December 31.
        4. The six (6) community and six (6) scholastic events shall be determined on a first-come, first-serve basis, meaning the first six (6) fully completed applications (including proof of ability to provide adequate insurance coverage) received by the office of Sports Facilities shall qualify. Once the annual maximum of six (6) community and six (6) scholastic rental waivers have been granted, groups can rent Bobcat Stadium in accordance with the rental rates defined in items 1(a) and 1 (b).
        5. For each hour past the 1.5 hour duration, the community/scholastic group shall pay the rate of $75.00 per hour.
        6. The community/scholastic event shall be fully responsible for paying all event driven expenses as outlined below in paragraph 3.
        7. In order to be eligible for consideration, the community event cannot charge an admission fee to the event nor can participants be charged a participation fee.
        8. Scholastic events shall be an event sponsored by a recognized educational entity (K-12) whose insurance coverage shall be listed as the primary coverage for the event activity.
  2. Proof of insurance will be required for all events with coverage amounts as specified by Montana State University. Both Montana State University and the State of Montana are required to be listed as additional insureds.
  3. The established rental rates do not include expenses including, but not limited to, clean up, snow removal, set up/tear down and other associated event expenses that will be the sole responsibility of the contracting entity. Should a community or scholastic group receive a rental waiver as specified above, the expenses listed in the previous sentence remain the full and exclusive responsibility of the group.
  4. The office of Sports Facilities has the final determination on all events to be held at Bobcat Stadium.
  5. MSU reserves the right to not rent the facility if such rental/activity is deemed to be potentially harmful to the field surfaces or any other part of the stadium, is not in the best interest of the university or conflicts with the primary use by the Bobcat Athletics.
  6. All scheduling of the stadium shall be through the office of Sports Facilities.